The Encyclopaedia of the Nazi Genocide of the Sinti and Roma in Europe is a work of collective knowledge. Collecting and processing this knowledge requires the support of many people who are convinced that the genocide of the Sinti and Roma must be given appropriate representation in academia and the public sphere.

Not everyone can be thanked by name here. However, we would like to mention those who have supported the project over many years, contributed their expertise and enriched the Encyclopaedia with their ideas and work. We would especially like to thank the Federal Foreign Office for its generous funding of the project, Brigitte Grote and her team at the Center for Digital Systems at Freie Universität Berlin for their indispensable conceptual and technical support, the colleagues of the Research Centre on Antiziganism at Heidelberg University for their active and sympathetic collegiality, and the student assistants in the team of the Encyclopaedia project, in particular Nils Lützen and Diana Partel. Our thanks also go to Eve Rosenhaft, who takes resonsibility fo the English-language editing and proofreading and thus significantly contributes to the quality of the results.

We would like to thank all the authors, the members of the academic advisory board and the cooperation partners for their committed and constructive cooperation. We thank Mirjam Karoly, Stéphane Laederich and Jane Weiß, who have advised us as Critical Friends on research ethics issues. Peter Palm‘s design of the maps made a significant contribution to the understanding of the persecution.

A big thank you goes to the OES community; we benefited greatly from the experiences of other projects and the exchange among each other.

We thank our colleagues at Heidelberg University Library and the University Computer Centre, who provided us with advice and support. We also have to thank the translators, archives, institutions and also the numerous individuals who have supported our work in a variety of ways.