Encyclopaedia: Genocide Sinti and Roma


The Encyclopaedia of the Nazi Genocide of the Sinti and Roma in Europe is the first comprehensive overview of the existing knowledge on the persecution and murder of the Sinti and Roma under National Socialism and during the Second World War (1933–1945). More than 100 authors from 25 countries (as of July 2024) are involved. The articles on the history and aftermath of the genocide, also known as the ‘Holocaust of the Sinti and Roma’, are constantly being updated and expanded. They are available in English and German and will grow to around 1000 articles by 2025. You can find out which focal points are already available under the menu item ‘News’.

Ceija Stoijka (1933–2013)»Ich habe Angst, dass Europa seine Vergangenheit vergisst und dass Auschwitz nur schläft.«Quelle

Timea Junghaus, Auschwitz schläft nur. Die Kunst der Ceija Stojka, in: Ceija Stojka (1933-2013). Sogar der Tod hat Angst vor Auschwitz, hg. von Lith Bahlmann/Matthias Reichelt, Nürnberg: Verlag für Moderne Kunst, 2014, S. 249-261, hier S. 256.

You can search the content from A to Z, explore thematic focal points via the Rubrics or find places, people, keywords and authors via the Index. A Chronology contains the most important events connected with the genocide. In addition, Photographs and Maps illustrate the dimensions of the persecution and murder of the Sinti and Roma in Europe.

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